Documentary Photography Course with Rio Helmi

Rio Helmi - Kamis, 16 Juni 2022, 13:00 - 16:00

Ubud, Bali

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This intensive course will take place in Bali on June 16-21, 2022

The programme is designed for intermediate students who have good basic photography skills and wish to enhance their abilities. The focus of our course is to master the process of documentary photography. Throughout the course, you will be mentored by Rio Helmi who will guide you the various steps involved - beginning with research and preparation down to final selection and editing. This will be a practical, hands-on course with individual assignments, shooting, group discussions and editing sessions.

Upgrade your level of photography.



  • The lexicon of documentary photography: becoming familiar with the work of masters of the genre.
  • Deepen your knowledge: creating a documentary photographic essay from A to Z
  • Identifying stories to develop and key images
  • Refine your storytelling and composition: image analysis, editing and writing captions
  • Learn ground rules for Interactions with subjects
  • Discover your own visual language, as well as practical and conceptual,
  • Dealing with real situations in reportage
  • Receive individual feedback and guidance on your work and get inspired for the next project

Classes and content:

  • Aims of documentary photography & reportage
  • Storytelling approaches: conceptual or spontaneous?
  • Style: how it affects the message
  • Pitching an idea – formulating the idea – what does it take?
  • The 5 Ws – who what where when how
  • Fundamentals of editing



650 USD

50% - required to book a place